Good reasons you need pure plant oil! March 30, 2017 11:43

 They were good enough for the ancients Greeks and continue to be the top choice of leading professionals and therapists.

But it’s only recently that the rest of us have started to cotton onto why the golden liquid needs to become a staple in our beauty cupboards.

So what is the fuss over pure plant oil?

Why does it deserve the coveted space on your bathroom shelf?

Here are the reasons that may motivate you to use body oils in every step of your beauty routine.

Cleanser: The idea behind it is twofold: like dissolves like, and balance is the key to healthy, happy skin. As we go about our day, dirt, pollution, and other impurities become trapped within the oil on our face. Oil cleansing is a gentle and simple method to dissolve facial oil congested with bacteria, dead skin cells, dirt and buildup, and replace it with fresh, clean, vibrant plant oils – without stripping or overdrying the skin.

Face Moisturiser: Plant oils on the other hand are packed full of essential vitamins, fatty acids and minerals, providing your skin with skin enhancing nutrients. Pure plant oils are highly compatible with the skin, absorbing easily and quickly, while nourishing and hydrating deep within. 

Bath oil: Add a few drops to your bath each night to effortlessly nourish skin, making you smell divine from top to toe.

Relaxing massage oil: Unwind and relax stresses muscles by pouring onto your palms, and massage across the whole body.

Manicure: Rub a dab of body oil on your cuticles to soften.

Pedicure: Rub a generous amount of body oil all over your feet. Put on thick cotton socks and allow the oils to soak in overnight when you go to bed.

Perfume: Many people don’t like applying heavy perfumes to their skin, but you can apply a few drops of a scented body oil on pulse points for a natural, light fragrance – pulse points are behind the ears, knees, wrists, elbows and neck area. 6

Shaving oil: Rub generously on legs for a close shave. Shaving with oil also reduces irritation and eliminates the need for post-shave moisturiser.

Frizz-buster: Place one or two drops of body oil into your hands and run lightly through the hair – this also helps tame and try dry ends. For a deep-conditioning hair treatment: Rub a generous amount into your hair before bed. Comb it through, secure it in a loose bun on tops of your head, place a towel over your pillow, then hit the hay. In the morning, shampoo as usual and enjoy your luxurious locks.

Body exfoliator: Make a basic sugar scrub by mixing a 2-1 ratio of sugar to body oil. Mix in a small bowl or jar. Rub into skin in the shower and rinse off. You won’t believe how soft your skin will feel afterwards.

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