How to Rock a Consultation with Your Hairstylist August 8, 2018 10:52


How to Rock a Consultation with Your Hairstylist

A great hairdresser is the fairy godmother (father) to the modern woman, forever clad in chic, all-black attire, whose scissors serve as a magic wand, granting wishes and making everyone gorgeous.

There is something so superbly comforting when you get a point with your hairstylist that you totally trust them and know that they are going to deliver amazing results every time?

It’s so nice to be able to mentally check that off the list of things you need to think about.

It can be a process to get there, and sometimes it can be really intimidating to go to a new stylist!

So here are some tips when you are looking for a new stylist or colourist…

Its a great idea to call ahead and see if you can set up an initial consultation with one of the team, when it’s your first time. These are complimentary and it gives us a chance to meet, talk about what you are interested in, and generally get an idea for whether it will be a good fit.

This is not only helpful for you as a client, but it can also be helpful for our stylists! Giving us a chance to see your hair and hear about your goals before the appointment will allow us to think about the process that’s required. Plus, it might even give you a better idea of how long the appointment will be. In general, this is one of the best things you can try to do if you are seeing a new stylist!

But if you can’t get in before the day…it's important to explain your wants to the receptionist if they're booking the appointment…and it goes without saying that every client appointment begins with a great consultation

You don't need to go too far in with details on the phone, but be specific about your hair type and your needs and find out who they think experienced in your particular type and texture (curly hair, straight, fine, thick or colour) then get them to pair you with their recommended expert.

If you leave it to chance (with out a recommendation or referral), chances are you will be put with the stylist who has the most availability and that may not be the best person for you!

Head into the salon with your hair styled as you normally would, and be clear with your stylist about any chemical treatments or colouring you've done in recent months. The consultation is when we can see the hair texture when it's dry, how you wear it, and when you can explain all of the little details of what you want done.

Consultation is everything…

We want to know what do you like / dislike about your hair now?

How often you get your hair cut and coloured?

What products and styling tools do you have at home and how long you spend on your hair?

What would be your dream haircut / colour?

These questions are all information gathering so that we can offer you a colour or style not only to suit your fashion sense but also your life

We love int when you bring images…the more the better! We are visual people, so seeing pictures of what colour or cut you want is easier than words, even consider building a board of your dislikes.

With a photo, you can both look at the same image and get on the same page about whether it’s possible or not, and also discuss other important details.

When you are clicking through Pinterest looking for hairstyle inspiration for yourself, keep your own hair texture and colour in mind. Usually blonde hair shows more details of a cut than brunette or black hair does. So if you have a rich brown hair colour but love the look of a blonde haircut, that’s an important thing to go over with your stylist. And he or she may be able to explain that the cut is possible but it may not have the same visual impact as it does on a blonde.

Similarly, when it comes to colour choices for your hair, it’s really helpful to have a photo. You may not be able to explain that you want cooler, icy blonde instead of a warmer, golden tone, but you can point it out in a photo. And your colourist will know exactly what your goals are having seeing the exact colour you are trying to achieve! It may not be possible, but at least you know you’re both on the same page!

We need to know your lifestyle needs…do you have young children? Do you have any hobbies that mean they need to regularly tie your hair back? Do you spend a lot of time travelling which restricts how often you can get into the salon? These are all tell-tale signs that a high maintenance hairstyle isn’t going to be the right option for for you and its important that were are on the same page here…the question of how often you visit us is to establish how long the colour and style need to last