Karl Mohring Senior Hairdresser May 29, 2019 08:43

Karl Mohring


Senior Hairdresser 

My ultimate goal is for you to have ‘Instagram Worthy’ hair not only while you’re in my chair, but during the hours, days and weeks that you’re not. Sharing with you ways  to get the most out of you hair is crucial to me...so that you look amazing all day, every day

With a huge passion for the industry and 5+ years experience I’m still so in love with the 'Art of Hairdressing' 

I am lucky enough to work behind the scenes with ‘Schwazkopf Professional’ on their Creative Team. This means travelling around NZ learning from and educating other hair stylists and colourists.

I get to bring back this knowledge to the salon and share with you all. Learning for me is the most important part, I love to be educated and to educate. I am a firm believer that you never stop learning and that new ideas create new passion and inspiration for my clients

From bright blondes to pastel pinks, I love all things colour....just scroll down to see some of my work 

Cutting is also a passion of mine, creating you a personalised style that works for you in between salon visits. 

Come and see me for your tailor-made hair plan while I ensure you have fun, feel relaxed and leave excited with hair you LOVE.