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Staying Visible July 23, 2021 09:00

How you stay visible in an increasingly youth focused world?

Talking to clients, as they enter into the second part of their life (no matter how brave they might be feeling about themselves) certainly where style is concerned; one word recurs when women describe themselves: "invisible

Ask The Experts: Your Winter Guide for Brown Hair July 21, 2021 16:12

Your Winter Guide for Brown Hair

Highlights may be most often associated with blonde hair, but they’re not reserved exclusively for the with lighter hues.

Strategically placed lighter pieces can look just as gorgeous on brunettes, adding dimension and visual interest to otherwise solid colour.

Not to mention, the techniques to highlight brown hair are endless. “For the first time ever we can take every brunette and give them a lighter shade that looks good on them,” says Schwarzkopf National Ambassador and Salon owner Jennifer Morgan.

Ahead, the lowdown on highlighting darker hair, a few different ways to do so, and expert tips for maintain your stunning new shade.

Ask The Experts: And All Blondes Covered July 21, 2021 16:00

There are endless shades of blonde hair. The word ‘blonde’ can mean anything from golden-warm to icy-cool, and just when you think you’ve seen every flaxen hue going, another light and luminous trend comes along.

So in this blog we ask Salon Owner and Schwarzkopf Professional National Ambassador to talk blonde...from ice to caramel and everything in between

Ask the Experts: How to Get Grey Smart July 21, 2021 15:30

If you're like most of us, the conversation around what to do about those first few sparkling grey hairs can happen as early as your early 30’s, as you discover the that you too are likely to have to think about how you feel about their sudden appearance

Between the ages of 20s to 60s there is a point we all have to decide how you feel about these shimmering little strands and what you plan to do about them…do you want to hide/ disguise/ blend or ignore them?

Caring For Your Fine Hair July 21, 2021 09:00

Your hair’s texture is the most significant element in determining its personality. It’s the number one thing you should be thinking about when it comes to treating your strands, and more importantly, choosing your products. But, there’s a lot of confusion about what exactly, constitutes “fine hair”. Case and point: did you know that it’s possible to have fine, thick hair? So, as you can see, navigating its care can feel complicated. So we asked Salon Owner Jennifer Morgan to break down everything you need to know about fine hair, and the best way to care for your hair type.

instantly cure your hair, with Iles Formula's haute performance range April 1, 2021 16:43

Discover the ILES FORMULA difference that transforms dry, straw-like hair into strands of silk.

Created by acclaimed hair stylist Wendy Iles, the ILES FORMULA was developed in response to a need for super-charged, high performance hair care that could be used on all hair types and that had instant and visible results. From celebrity clients walking the red carpet to supermodels on global beauty campaigns, ILES FORMULA quickly gained a reputation among the fashion and beauty elite for its high quality formulations and effective results.

KCSmooth...the Ultimate Smoothing and Repair Treatment March 31, 2021 15:01

KCSMOOTH is a 2-step system powered by a proprietary blend of Signature Keratin, antioxidants and amino acids to deliver maximum manageability in two hours or less. This zero- downtime treatment dramatically cuts blow-dry time, repairs damage and delivers stronger, smoother, healthier hair for up to three months.

This is the perfect solution for hair that is both frizzy and damaged....It will solve both issues in one service!

Morgan & Morgan Christmas Hours 2020-21 December 1, 2020 09:00

Do you have a summer beauty game plan?

It is time to make sure you have your hair appointments in place for December & January. The busiest time for us is the last two weeks before the 'big day' with some of our team already nearly booked out already. 


Ask the Experts: Dark Roots, Blonde Hair: The Perfect Low-Maintenance Hair Colour September 30, 2020 05:30

Dark roots, blonde hair? Why not! Dark roots used to be a blonde's worst nightmare, but in recent years a dark, smudgy root has become a blonde hair colour trend.

With winter hair in our sights, we talked to salon owner Jennifer Morgan about this now very mainstream trend.

Restore and Repair with Fibre Clinix September 28, 2020 12:57

Discover our new care brand Fibre Clinix, a salon exclusive, fully customisable hair care regime, for a holistic experience, from salon to home care.

Through the development of Schwarzkopf Professional's most advanced and powerful repair technology, Fibre Clinix has set a new milestone by transforming the hair fibre back to its virgin condition*.

Start the holistic experience in salon with a highly customised Tribond Service to match, mix and boost, instantly transforming the hair fibre. Effortless maintenance continues at home with a hair care routine prescribed to each of our client’s individual hair needs.

Ask The Experts: What is Dandruff? April 14, 2020 15:10

Tips for dealing with dandruff....arghhh, the dreaded 'd' word. Sure, it's not the sexiest of topics, but those tiny white flecks are a pervasive problem for over 50 per cent of the population.

Ask the Experts: Fringes are back with a bang November 19, 2019 00:00

Fringes are back. From Joan Smalls to Jessica Biel, super short fringe cuts and eyebrow skimming styles have been seen on everyone, with even Beyoncé sporting a faux fringe to get the look. The must-have haircut of the moment is all about going for that statement transformation.

Book A Standing Reservation November 6, 2019 14:32

With a Standing Reservation we are fully committed to ensuring that you have amazing hair 365 days of the year and all of our team will go out of their way to ensure we provide you with our experience, knowledge and advice.

The process is quite simple...just figure out what day and time suits you best...and then talk to your stylist about the ideal frequency to ensure your hair is always stunning

Short Hair...Don't Care! November 1, 2019 16:26

Whoever said blondes have more fun clearly forgot about people with short haircuts.

With less hair, there’s more freedom, and let’s not forget the other practical benefits of short hairstyles as well.

So we asked our new Director Hairdresser Emma Bleackley on some tips if you are planning to make the big chop soon, or are just looking to shake up the look of your short hair

Ask The Experts: Blonde...Bombshell or Bomb? November 1, 2019 16:02

All blondes are not created equally: They range from warm, honey shades to cool ash blondes, each one is carefully customised for each individual and skin type.
A Morgan & Morgan colourist will evaluate your skin tone to develop the perfect blonde for you—so your hair colour can look as good as those California girls with their perfect blonde hair colour.

Blonde Ambitions...taking care of your hair November 1, 2019 16:01

Whether you choose platinum, butterscotch, bronde or any other shades of blonde in between, going blonde is bound to give you an extra bounce in your step.

You’re not rocking just any haircolor any more—you’re rocking the most eye-catching haircolor out there.

Check out how to cleverly get around some common negative effects when you colour your hair blonde

Hair for the Season...what's hot? October 31, 2019 12:43

Hair for the Season

With Christmas just around the corner we’ve come up with lots of great party hair ideas to get you ready for the party season.

If you are looking for a show-stopping style this season, here at Morgan & Morgan Hair Collective our experienced stylists & colourists are available to create a special look for you.


Hair often goes through the ringer in the name of beauty, and sometimes the consequences aren’t understood until the signs of damage start creeping up.

When you start to notice a lack of moisture, split ends, breakage, dullness or weak strands, it’s not the end of the world. It just means it’s time for some damage control. To help get your good hair days back, lets us debunk some myths on how to repair damaged hair, along with some handy hair growth tips.

Its the Season for Change! October 8, 2019 12:46

Are you thinking about a major colour change? 
Here are a few key points to think about before you come in to the salon to assist in choosing the right colour.

Everything You Need to Know About Organic and Natural Hair Colour Formulas October 5, 2019 10:03

Looking for organic hair colour? Sorry, we have some bad news!

The last few years have seen a bigger-than-ever push for natural and organic beauty products. Many consumers are under the impression that components found in "organic" or "natural" hair products make them inherently safer. Unfortunately it's not that simple, according to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

Ask the Experts: Why Do We Go Grey? October 4, 2019 11:23

For many people, grey hair is a fact of life. It’s a sign that we are getting older and that our bodies are going through some changes.

7 Fashion Week Hair Trends That You'll Want To Wear This Spring October 2, 2019 14:39

7 Spring/Summer 2020 Hair Trends From NYFW That You'll Want To Wear

There are certain beauty looks that you come to expect as trends in the spring and summer — especially when it comes to hair.

If we are backstage during New York Fashion Week, we are likely going to see a parade of loose, mussed-up braids. There's also the likelihood of beach waves or a sleek hair accessory. This season, however, the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 hair trends seemed to take those tried-and-true tropes and turn them right on their heads.

Hair Contouring: what's the deal with this hair trend? October 1, 2019 10:40

Want to illuminate your face, bring out your eyes, define your cheeks or profile, well like makeup, hair trends are constantly evolving and we've noticed that make up tricks also work incredibly well on our hair. 

Hair contouring adds highlights where light would naturally hit the face, and adds a glow to those areas. Meaning we can accentuate your best features, and compliment those you dislike with contrasting colours.

Special Promotion: wash.blow.go August 7, 2019 14:13

A beautiful addiction is about to begin...

We think you deserve the affordable luxury of flawless hair, so we have put together this special offer, so you can look red-carpet ready all the time!

wash. blow. go, you can have a glamorous professional style for just $35