Silver Fox...Grey Hair Tips! June 22, 2017 09:00

Most people watch the first appearance of grey hairs with mixed feelings….

For many guys, going grey is a real blow to the self-confidence and to some; grey hair is associated with old age. Conversely, many people consider a full head of grey hair to be quite appealing.

Because you can’t all be George Clooney, many of our male clients have chosen NOT to go grey gracefully and have turned to the bottle for help. Of course, I’m talking about the bottle of colour.

Before you decide to colour your grey hair, the following are a few things to consider:

An Expert Colourist Will Almost Always Produce Better Results.

While there are several “just for men” home colouring kits, a professional colourist will be able to mix exactly the right colour formula to ensure a natural looking result. A few companies now produce excellent professional hair colouring for men.

We love Redken for Men, a salon service that takes about twenty minutes. The colour fades over time, so you don’t get a dramatic colour change as it grows out. The other option is to low-light some of your natural colour back into your hair to blend out the grey

Regular Colouring Is Inexpensive.

Men’s colour treatments are simple and easy to apply so we don’t need to allow as much time or product as women’s colour…and this is reflected in the price. Plan on having it done every 6-8 weeks. For amazing natural results, the price is worth it.

Redken Camo Color offers the perfect low-maintenance solution for men's colour. As the name suggests, its all about camouflage rather than full coverage and results are uber natural. The service only takes about 20 minutes so it is quick and fuss-free

Natural Colour Can Be Hard to Achieve at Home.

For any type of colour service, we recommend seeking the services of a professional colourist, as the results will almost always be more natural. Should you choose to colour at home, purchase a product specifically for men, always do a patch test, and follow the instructions exactly. You’ll achieve a more natural result if your hair is a “standard” colour. The salon products are developed with the latest technology plus we have the experience to select the perfect shade for you

If you decide to go with your grey hair, here are a couple of tips

Styling-Tips for Grey-haired Men

If your greying hair is no big deal you may still want to adapt your hairstyle to your changing hair colour and texture. Long hair and edgy hair fashion experiments rarely go well with greying hair. In contrast, short hairstyles make you look more distinguished and elegant.

Managing Greying Men’s Hair

To increase the appeal of greying hair you should not only adapt your haircut but also your hair care and styling habits. Greying hair contains less melanin, which protects from the damaging effects of UV rays on the hair’s keratin. Hair also gets thinner with increasing age. As a result it needs more UV protection and more care. Using a vitalising shampoo and nutrient-rich conditioners for hair and scalp restores the vibrant nature of your hair. Gel and pomade are rich in oil and are well suited for men’s salt and pepper hair styles because they condition the hair and provide appealing lustre.