Ask the Experts: How to repair dry, damaged hair March 30, 2017 10:47

Let’s face it–dry, damaged hair is pretty obvious to spot. From fried roots to raw ends, your hair may be crying out for help.

Bring your strands back to life by upgrading your haircare routine to include steps and products that will add moisture, shine, and nourishment to your strands.

Wondering how? We asked our Creative Director Jennifer Morgan or her top tips to repair, refresh and restore dry hair

While you may love the feel of squeaky-clean roots, using a clarifying shampoo all-day, every day could actually be drying out your ends. Give your strands some TLC by opting for a more nourishing shampoo. Look for formulas that promise to both soften and cleanse the hair in order to get the best of both worlds. 

Another great option is "co-cleansing" short for “conditioning cleansing”
It’s done by rinsing the hair thoroughly (for at least 2-3 minutes) and then using conditioner on the mid lengths and ends  

Quench your thirsty strands by using a conditioner every time you get in the shower. Hydration is essential for healthy strands and skimping on conditioner may be the reason your hair is feeling dry. After you shampoo, use a healthy amount of conditioner on your ends and allow the product time to thoroughly soak in before rinsing.

Not every hairstyle needs a hot tool. Give your hair a break by creating fabulous hairstyles without using heat. Try changing your everyday hairstyle by adding a braid or fun accessory into the mix for an unexpected twist. You can even take these styles to the next level by embracing your natural texture and adding a texturizing spray to your ends.

Give your strands a total moisture boost by using a hair mask once a week on your strands. Simply apply the mask, wrap your hair in shower cap or scarf, and hit the hay. In the morning, rinse your strands and let them air-dry for silky, smooth strands.

If you colour your hair, FibrePlex is the Post-Service Perfector, a once-a-week treatment designed for you to maintain your hair’s natural pH at home ensuring your colour stays true for longer and the hair maintains its shine

Keep your hair hydrated all day long by adding a leave-in conditioner to your haircare routine. These lightweight sprays work to condition and nourish your hair, while also adding smoothness and shine. It’s a must-have for anyone suffering from dry ends.

One of the main reasons that dry hair looks so dull and lifeless is because it has lost its shine. Give your hair the radiance it needs by using a blow-dry oil before you heat style your hair. These oils work with the heat of your hair dryer to help reduce your blow-dry time and add instant shine to your hair.

Hit the reset button on your hair by working with fresh strands. The best way to do this is by trimming any split ends. As these hairs are already broken, there’s no saving them. In fact, if the split end isn’t trimmed away it can keep rising up the hair shaft and damage the healthier sections. Put a stop to your hair’s drama by trimming your ends for healthier feeling hair.

Dry, damaged hair often goes hand-in-hand with dull, faded looking haircolor. Next time you head to the salon, ask your colourist for a Vibrance hair gloss service. These glosses are amazing at revitalizing your haircolor, adding shine, and refreshing the tones in your hair. Think of it as the ultimate dry hair pick-me-up.

Let’s get real–not all hot tools are created equal. Treat your hair to the best of the best by reaching for ionic hot tools. For instance, ionic hair dryers work by emitting negative ions. These tiny particles work by breaking down any water molecules in the hair allowing that water to evaporate even faster. If the water evaporates faster, your hair is less exposed to heat as your drying time has shortened. It’s a total win-win!

Next time you are in-salon check out our menu of treatments...from the quick instant fix to the intense repair, technology has brought us so many options to strengthen, soften or repair.

Technology provides us with all the tools and treatments to ensure you have fabulous hair under all conditions

Using a regular hairbrush to detangle is a recipe for disaster. As your hair is most susceptible to damage when it’s wet, hairbrushes can cause split ends and damage to wet strands. Instead, if you need to detangle, reach for a wide-tooth comb and work from the bottom-up. This method helps to remove tangles easily while lessening your chances of damage.

See? You don’t have to live with dry, damaged hair. With a few easy haircare tweaks, you can completely transform the look and feel of your hair. Look for more?