Ask the Experts: What's hot for brunettes August 28, 2018 09:53

Food and beverage inspired colour…its everywhere!

Google “food inspired hair” and you will amazed at the offerings…you may remember the Pumpkin Spice Hair craze from 2016 or in 2017 there was Peanut Butter & Jelly hair.. thats a balayage creation that has a luscious caramel highlight (aka the peanut butter) and deep purple (aka the jelly) tones - if you were wondering?! Slightly crazier, LA colourist Jessica Gonzalez coined the term ‘salmon sushi hair’…with rose gold and white blonde

And although it might all be a bit gimmicky, sometimes food descriptions paint a better picture and lets face it are more appetising than any other words)

So while typically, you probably think of lightening your hair for spring and summer and then darkening things up once autumn and winter roll around, the good news is there are currently lots of different varieties of brown hair that are trending for the coming season

So now that we’re officially on the cusp of transitioning into the warmer spring months, its the perfect time to embrace rich brunette shades and so in the spirit of consumable colour we have created a menu inspired by the new caffeinated trend for spring: cold brew hair.

That’s right, we’re ready to step into the season by taking a long, cool sip of this warm brunette shade that offers dull brown strands a major pick-me-up.

The best way to describe cold brew hair colour is a deep brunette with chocolate red-golden hues.

Just like how we all take our cold brew a little differently, with a splash of milk or extra ice, this hair colour trend is totally customisable, making it perfect for brunettes that want to give a jolt of energy to tired locks.

Check out these delicious renditions of cold brew hair trending this season.

Pour us a tall glass of this cold brew, extra ice please. Rich reddish-brown strokes that blend into a deep mocha base, mimicking the moment our cold brew coffee hits those ice cubes in a glass.

This mane looks like our iced coffee after we pour in a splash of almond milk and watch it slowly melt its way down, creating a deliciously rich ombré finish.

We’ll take our brew with a couple pumps of hazelnut. These silky strands cozied up just in time for fall with subtle warm touches

It’s hard not to start buzzing over this deep cinnamon paired with the darkest of brown hair. It’s almost like a cherry cola colour, but in the interest of maximising our caffeine intake, we’ll say more like a cinnamon mocha iced coffee.

Nothing captures the rich indulgence of cold brew like toffee brown, which is a warm, burnished shade of bronze. 

This particular brew—er, blend—gets its warmth from honey-golden balayage and lowlights. If you like vanilla cold brew, this might be the caffeinated colour for you.

We like this mane like we like our coffee: Simple and dark, giving new life to these dark brown strands with subtle touches of mahogany, just in time for spring.

Here’s a confession: We don’t always drink our cold brew black. (Gasp!) We like a little milkiness and—sometimes when we’re feeling indulgent—some caramel flavouring. So yes, we’re absolutely loving this caramel colour melt.

Since cold brew hair is all about the reddish and golden tones, we’re all about this cinnamon-flecked brunette colour that looks like our iced coffee when we do take it seriously