Ask The Experts: What's New & Interesting in Colour June 26, 2019 18:36

Feel a need for change? There’s no better way to give your beauty look a revamp than with a new hair colour. And while you can’t go wrong with a classic hue like chocolate brown or honey blonde, why not use your mane makeover as an excuse to step out of your comfort zone with an edgy hair colour? 

With winter hair in our sights, we talked to salon owner Jennifer Morgan about some colour ideas that are less than mainstream.

If you want locks with attitude, look no future than the ten shades we think you should try.


The first colour that comes to mind when you think edgy? We’d guess red. There’s just something about a bright, bold red hue that demands to be seen. Change your hair a ruby red hue and you'll be able to plunge head-first into winter


Food-inspired hair? We’re sure you’re familiar, but they aren't all sweet, dessert-inspired shades. Eggplant hair happens to be one of the latest hair trends that falls into the edgy hair colour category. Taking inspiration from its namesake, eggplant hair is a deep purple hue. This can be achieved with an all-over wash of eggplant or via the balayage highlighting technique.


Speaking of edgy hair that happen to be on-trend, consider trying the hue of 2019: silver hair! The year’s most coveted colour, silver hair will certainly have all eyes on you when you enter the room.


Eggplant isn’t the only purple hue that’s on point. Blackberry hair, one of the latest hair colour trends, will give you some serious rocker chick vibes. The colour consists of dark roots that transition into purple balayage highlights.


We’d consider platinum blonde hair the OG of edgy hair colours. This icy hue brings about an icy aura that seems to never go out of style. Just remember that this colour requires quite a bit of upkeep and powder lightener, so if you naturally have really dark hair, you may be better off trying out another hue.


Who said trend driven hair colours had to be bold and bright? Soft, pastel hues offer a totally different take on edgy — which is why vanilla lilac hair is a must for our list. Featuring a dark root, blonde base, and gradual fade to lilac ends, the muted colour is anything but subtle.


A metal-inspired hair colour? It doesn’t get much edgier than that. Copper hair takes auburn to a whole new level with a bold, bright twist. This is a great idea for those who want to dabble in the realm of fashion hair colours without veering too far out of their comfort zone.


Pretty in pink? We prefer edgy in pink! While you may consider pink to be a girly colour, pink ombré hair is totally fierce. Imagine it now: your natural base colour, fading into a hot pink hue (you can also opt for a soft or pastel pink). You’ll be walking as if you run the town in no time!


Another red hue that’s totally edgy? Black cherry hair! This involves a deep burgundy base with a pop of red throughout to brighten your mane. Give the soda-inspired colour a try if you prefer a dark, edgy mane.


While this may sound like a yummy treat, we promise it’ll give you a look that’s more edgy than sweet. Peanut butter and jelly hair will ensure all eyes are on you, as the colour features a grape or raspberry jelly base with golden highlights throughout. It’s totally bold and most definitely qualifies as edgy—even if it evokes thoughts of this classic American lunch.