FIX YOUR HAIR MISTAKES August 25, 2016 17:23


Here are 5 common hair blunders that you might be making – and how to fix them! 
I’m sure most women can admit to making a beauty mistake at least once before – but we’d like to think they’re now a thing of the past, right? Wrong. Unfortunately there are more than a few beauty crimes still being committed, especially when it comes to maintaining, styling and even brushing our hair.
We’ve whittled down five hair sins that may surprise you, and how to fix them.
Are you a repeat offender?

Hair Mistake #1: Drying Your Hair With a Normal Towel

Why it’s a mistake: With a regular towel, the fibres and rough texture can snag and tug at your locks causing damage and unwanted frizz.

The fix: It’s time to swap your regular towel for a microfiber one instead. As a tip, remember to not rub your hair too vigorously, instead squeeze the excess moisture out.

Hair Mistake #2: Skipping Heat Protection

Why it’s a mistake: We all know that over-styling our hair with a hot tool can lead to dryness, split ends and brittle locks. Not using heat protection before blow-drying, straightening, or curling leaves your hair exposed and more prone to damage.
The fix: By adding this one simple step to your haircare routine will literally save your locks from destruction. Simply apply a heat protectant spray or cream to your strands before blowdrying and styling. Most formulas also contain moisturizing oils and proteins, so they’ll hydrate as they protect.
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Hair Mistake #3: Brushing From Your Roots

Why it’s a mistake: You may not know, but there is a right way to brush your hair! It’s a common mistake to start brushing out your knots from the roots and dragging downwards. All this means is that you’re having to fight more tangles to get to the ends, which ultimately weakens the entire hair shaft that leads to damage.
The fix: Our hair is at its most delicate point when wet, so avoid brushing your hair straight out of the shower to deter extra tugging and broken strands. Ideally you should wait until your hair is at least half dry before running a brush through the ends first and work your way up to the roots. If you must brush while wet, try spraying a nourishing leave-in conditioner first to help detangle.


Hair Mistake #4: Blow Drying Sopping Wet Strands

Why it’s a mistake: For all of the busy women out there, this one may be hardest to stick to. Blow drying sopping wet hair is a no-no because it is the main culprit for drying hair out completely. Plus the longer you have to dry your hair, the more heat damage it will cause.
The fix: After showering dry your hair as much as you can first with your micro-fibre towel, then try to all it to air-dry for at least 15 minutes. You can go make a coffee, apply your make-up and even get dressed during that time. By letting your hair dry naturally for as long as possible means retaining more moisture in the hair less time with the blow-dryer – which can lead to heat damage.


Hair Mistake #5: Not Using Clarifying Shampoo

Why it’s a mistake: For most, product build-up is an issue and it can lead to a dull and often gritty feeling on the hair. Instead of a double shampoo in the shower with your normal formula, hair needs to be cleansed deeper to remove residue and bring hair back to life.
The fix: Enter – the clarifying shampoo. Haven’t heard of it? Well, it acts like a duluxe car wash does for your ride, in the fact that it works harder and deeper to cleanse tired looking locks. Used once a week it will effectively lift residue from gels, serums, creams and sprays to make your hair shine again.
Try: Redken Hair Cleansing Creme for a gentle clarification on all hair types