No More Damaged Hair with Intense Rx Treatment January 23, 2018 16:02



Intense conditioning treatment uses pure keratin protein to rebuild hair strength, return elasticity, and reduce breakage in just on treatment. Great for all hair types.

Hair miracles are possible. And we can thank Keratin Complex for its divine gifts to hair. Introducing Keratin Complex Intense Rx Serum and Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy- the one stop treatment to unbelievably soft and GORGEOUS hair!

Taking great care of your hair doesn’t mean just shampooing and conditioning every week. Go above and beyond with your hair care with additional products to enhance the quality of your hair. Serums and weekly deep conditioning treatments do wonders to the overall health of your hair.


INTENSE Rx Ionic Keratin Protein Restructuring Serum uses over 25% of pure Keratin Protein to rebuild the hair’s tensile strength, return elasticity and reduce

breakage in just one treatment. Through electrostatic penetration, INTENSE Rx fuses to existing protein bonds, restructuring and extending the life of extremely damaged and chemically compromised hair.


INTENSE Rx repairs damaged, over highlighted, processed, permed, straightened or relaxed hair. An initial salon treatment will restructure and INSTANTLY relieve damage. Continuing with a daily application will ensure longer lasting healthier hair.

NTENSE Rx also serves as a follow-up treatment to our Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Treatment to ensure longevity. Talk to your stylist today to schedule an INTENSE Rx Treatment for vibrant and healthy hair!

Come in and pamper yourself and let us repair and rebuild your hair

The service includes:

Shampooing with the Keratin care shampoo

Precise application of the Intense RX serum and the Keratin Infusion then you

Relaxing with some heat for a short time under the dryer

Finishing with a beautiful style to leave with