Your summer hair hacks sorted January 31, 2017 14:22

Follow our guide to fuss-free locks this summer

The summer sun makes your skin look golden, puts a spring in your step and gives you a healthy dose of vitamin D. But your hair? It wreaks havoc on it. Scalp sunburn, dried out ends, and frizzy humidity hair are all problems thrown our way when the sun’s out. Luckily with these simple hair hacks you can defeat any and all summer hair woes – even dreaded green chlorine hair! It’s goodbye lacklustre locks and hello to glorious, sun-kissed beachy waves this summer.

 Beach Wave Twist

If you don’t fancy tonging your hair into effortless waves, try this easy twist and go trick. On towel dried hair, spray hair with a volumising texture spray to help you waves take hold. Split hair into three sections, then grab a section and twist it tightly (going away from your face, not towards it). Blowdry the twisted section until dry then repeat with the other section for tousled, beauty waves in minutes.

Try Redken’s BEACH ENVY WAVE AID treatment styler with a mineral blend to infuse hair with texture and create waves

Combat Frizz

DIY your own hair smoothing potion by mixing a few drops of pure plant oil with purified  water, shaking well. Fill a spray bottle with it and spritz on ends to make hair super shiny and hydrated!

Fight Chlorine Hair

Protect hair from turning brassy due to over exposure to the sun, sea and chlorine by using a toning conditioner like Fabulous Pro or Blonde Idol Custom Toned Conditioner. These colour intensifying conditioners provides an instant hair colour boost, combined with a nourishing treatment to condition, repair, add shine and instantly tone hair colour.

Try HAIR CLEANSING CREAM clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine, copper, iron, hard water minerals and styling product build-up.

Fringe Fixer

Keep a side-swept fringe from falling in your eyes by backcombing at the roots and then continuing backcombing lightly down the rest of the hair (skipping the ends). This will hold the hair in place, and give some volume too.

Embrace Masks

Nothing injects some much needed vitality into parched summer locks like a really good deep treatment. Either do it yourself at home with our range of masks and treatments, or opt for our Repair Shot treatment next time you’re in salon for a blowdry.

Cut Down On Blow Dry Time 

For extra speedy blowdrying, plus a big dose of smooth shine, use Redken’s fantastic Blow Dry Primer, which dramatically cuts down blow dry time, smooths hair and helps your blow out last longer.


If you’re suffering from sweaty hair and limp locks thanks to the summer heat, there’s no better quick fix than a spritz of good old dry shampoo. We love Redken’s Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo – it’s completely invisible, and leaves a shiny finish rather than a matte texture.