2017 style inspiration from the experts November 30, 2016 11:07

We wanted the inside scoop on the upcoming hair trends for 2017, so who better to seek expert tips from than our very own master hair stylist, Kelly Bartholomew.

We asked Kelly to share with us what to expect for the upcoming season, what upcoming trend best suits each face shape, and why rocking the shoulder-sweeping lob is a thing of the past in 2017.

If you've been thinking about snipping your strands and rocking a new 'do, there's no better time than just before summer.

Spring is the season for ridding your body of all winter nasties, re-jigging your ways and revamping your wardrobe.

Summer however, is for refreshing your look, we are back into that time of year where the weather gets sticky and humid and your hair spends copious amounts of time in the sun and by the sea. One thing we feel adamant about is hair maintenance needn't interfere with your holiday fun.

What we have right now is the year of the lob. What's happened is girls who opted for a bob haircut have let it grow mid-length, and girls who've always worn their hair longer have safely cut their hair mid-length, so everybody has ended up with the same thing. In 2017 you're going to see a lot more distinct, bold cuts.

Next year, we're seeing a much smaller silhouette with hair. Clothing has changed so much; necklines have gotten higher, waistlines have gotten higher, and long romantic curls don't really go with today's fashion anymore. Hair needs to be geometric; it's all about the cut and the fringe, and instead of having bigger hair, having something closer to the head, creating a smaller silhouette.

Makeup is also a lot bigger this season, so pairing that with big hair makes you almost too big of a person. You need to pull it back somewhere, and this season, it's with hair.

In 2017 we're going shorter. We've exhausted the long hair, and we've had the bra-length style for a very long time. The brave move this year is to cut your hair. I'm also seeing shorter and shorter fringes, they're fresh now, they make long hair look cool; it's a great way to add a shape and change your look while keeping your length.

Next year's cuts are more layered, rather than cut straight across. There's a bit of a '70s influence, and a lot of shortness and curl around the front of the hair, which we haven't had in a long time. It's party hair, it's aspirational.

Here are five great reasons to lop your locks and start summer with tangle-free tresses.

1. You spend much more time by the sea: You're finally able to ditch your winter wardrobe and tuck back into your summer stash. Having shorter hair means you can embrace an air dry, rather than tackling your strands with a hair-dryer. Fresh ends are also must for summer, not only are they more manageable, but it’s a good idea to rid your split ends to avoid further damage from the sun.

2. Summer fitness made easier: If you're a workout junkie, you'll be sure to appreciate a shorter cut over a heavy head of hair during the sweaty seasons. Feel fresh and light, rather than being weighed down — the post-workout wash will feel a breeze in comparison too.

3. New season, new you: The best part of summer is being able to redefine your style and start afresh. From new beauty picks to haircuts, you'll kick off 2017 feeling utterly fresh.

4. Lower maintenance: Who needs the woes of hair hassles during the carefree months of summer? Not us. We're all for a healthy chop to ease your beauty routine and embrace an effortless look.

5. Short hair is the 2017 hair trend: Jump the gun and beat the trend before it kicks off in 2017. Shorter cuts with bangs are coming our way, so why not get in there first?