Can Pantone Influence your Hair Colour? March 1, 2017 12:09

Every season, the Pantone Color Institute releases a selection of colours called the Pantone Fashion Color Report. As the name suggests, the report is a quick list of all the colours that are supposed to reign supreme during that fashion season.

For Spring 2017, the Color Institute chose a selection that ranges from muted beiges to powerful pinks, and we think their choices couldn’t be more fashion-forward. In fact, this season’s shade selection is the perfect inspiration not only for a wardrobe upgrade but for your next hair colour transformation as well.

By choosing a shade from this latest range, you’re guaranteed to have a hair colour that’s not only flattering but also on trend. So, whether you’re thinking about trying a hair gloss for the first time or want to go bold with a vibrant hair colour, let the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2017 inspire your next hair colour journey.

Want to know the best part? Redken’s new City Beats hair colour line can help us achieve any of these fun shades,. How cool is that?

We asked Salon Owner and Redken Colour Ambassador, Jennifer Morgan to pick a few hair colour transformations that are Pantone inspired for your next look.


Take your hair to the next level with this muted yellow shade. It could work perfectly as an all over shade or could even be gorgeous for unexpected highlights.

Makeup Tip: To make your yellow strands pop even further, try adding heavy, black eyeliner to your regular beauty look. The clash of colours plays beautifully off one another and adds an almost grungy vibe to your signature style.


Pastel hair colours are all the rage for 2017. Kick off your next hair look by opting for this baby pink meets muted beige tone. It’s the perfect colour for those who want to demurely hide their greys as the beige and pink tones can easily mask a faded hairline.

Makeup Tip: This hair colour pairs perfectly with a monochromatic beauty look. Reach for a baby pink blush and nude lip gloss to give your style a sophisticated edge.


Stay on-trend every season with this subtle dark blonde shade. With a mix of brown and beige notes, this is sure to be the perfect hair colour for any skin tone.

Makeup Tip: Hazelnut strands practically beg for a creamy, dewy makeup look. Amp up the look of your hair colour by dabbing a liquid highlighter along your cheekbones, eye lids, and Cupid’s Bow. This added glow leaves your skin looking refreshed and your hair looking radiant.


Here’s a gorgeous blue shade that walks the line between the vivid and pastel hair colour trends. It’s a win-win for anyone looking to add a sense of playfulness to their look while still being somewhat subtle.

Makeup Tip: Embrace your mermaid hair by keeping your makeup look very beachy and bohemian. Give your complexion a boost by using a warm-toned bronzer underneath your cheekbones, across your temples and along your collarbone for added depth and definition.


Meet Pantone’s colour of the year! It’s the perfect hair colour choice to make everyone you know green with envy with this gorgeous shade. Whether you opt for an all-over colour or as a subtle tone in a more dimensional look, this mossy green shade is sure to be a fan favorite.

Makeup Tip: When it comes to accentuating your new green hair, brown and hazel makeup shades are definitely where it’s at. From a deep bronze smoky eye to a muted brown lip, there are several ways to play around with toffee tones to create a dynamic, yet complementary makeup look.


Add some spice to your life with this flaming hot orange shade. As it’s a mixture of red, orange and brown tones, it’s a great way to add flair to your hair without looking too clownish.

Makeup Tip: Seeing as your hair is already hot, hot, hot, it’s all about creating balance with your makeup, so that your hair colour takes center stage. One of the best ways to do this is by using more neutral tones on the lips and cheeks. For instance, muted ginger and taupe shades go gorgeously with warmer hair colours. Play around with a few shades until you find your perfect look.


Pink hair, don’t care! Give your locks some love this spring by asking your stylist for this gorgeous magenta shade.

Makeup Tip: Flirty makeup is a must for those with pink hair. Consider adding a glossy lip, falsies or both to give your makeup a fresh, feminine twist.


Who doesn’t love a good blue hair colour? Ask your stylist for an all-over look with this stunning shade, while adding depth with darker tones for an incredibly dimensional look.

Makeup Tip: The eyes definitely have it when it comes to complimenting this dimensional hair colour. Amp up your peepers by layering on black mascara for a wide-eyed effect that looks stunning with your new vibrant tones.


Your favorite leafy green can now be your new favorite hair colour. Get inspired by this superfood by asking your stylist for an army green colour that is sure to turn heads.

Makeup Tip: To play off of your green goddess hair colour, opt for “no makeup” makeup and embrace your natural beauty.


Love true, royal blues? Then this is the hair colour for you. This shade of blue is absolutely stunning and is perfect for your next selfie.

Makeup Tip: Bright blue strands act as the perfect accent to a sexy red lip. Make your features pop by lining your lips with a burgundy lip pencil and then filling them in with a bright shade of red. The dimension gives a flawless effect that is sure to drop jaws.

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