How to perfectly do your brows at home October 26, 2016 12:48

Lets talk about all things brows. 

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Starting with a professional to help you find your natural face shape” is the best place to begin when sorting out your brows. But that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain them perfectly from home. 

You definitely don't want to be an "every day" plucker, but when you see stray brow hairs come in, maybe every 7-10 days you should grab and remove.

The new look is the bigger, bolder, thicker brow, seen all over the world. You want a healthy brow so in between your professional appointments try not to tweeze too much and overdo it.

You always want to consult with a professional but here is how you can maintain the shape with help you find in between your professional appointments.

This is how to become your own brow artist:

  1. Brush through your brows and determine your natural shape
  2. Create your baseline, top and bottom, intersecting at the tail
  3. Pencil in the middle of the brow with short, precise strokes for desired fullness
  4. Brush through the brows again and blend for natural look
  5. Remove overgrowth with the scissors. Less is more!
  6. Tweeze any hair that falls outside of your brow baseline – top and bottom
  7. Highlight the brow to help show off your perfect shape
  8. Brush through the brow one time (front to tip) with the gel to set the shape
  9. Tada! You have a perfect, finished brow. 

TOP TIP: Remember, your brows are sisters, not twins!


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